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“It has long been said that “beauty is only skin deep”; very true when it comes to makeup and skincare. Our skin’s health has a direct correlation to our perception of personal beauty, confidence and self-esteem.

I believe we can feel and look great at any age. I take great joy and feel immense gratitude sharing my passion with so many women through Emani. True beauty is not physical beauty alone, but a combination of body, mind and soul. These include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness.

Like many, I suffered from severe, cystic acne beginning when I was teenager. Unfortunately, embarrassing breakouts and sensitive skin didn’t end with my teens, and I continued to deal with problem skin well into my adult years. Drawing on my personal struggles and experience with acne and sensitive skin, I made it my personal mission to create a clean, non-comedogenic makeup line appropriate for all skin types – especially for the most sensitive and discriminating complexion. As a result, every Emani product is carefully formulated and screened for sensitivity, toxicity, performance, long-term impact, and comedogenic factors.

*What passionately drives us at Emani?*

We simply want your skin to look its best when all the “paint and glamour” that we call makeup comes off to reveal your real, true self. Healthy, glowing, dewy, smooth and velvety complexion is what we all strive for; It is EMANI’s mission to deliver products that nurture your complexion. True beauty runs deep indeed, and is found in all human experience and in all the things that lead us to love and to be loved, capacities that ultimately determine our physical beauty. We keep this in mind when we continue our Emani journey.

Thank you for your support. With sincere gratitude,